Creativity References

The books listed here are ones that I have consulted and found to be useful.

I have put the list below into categories to help you decide which, if any, you wish to consult.


The categories follow the order in which each subject is addressed in my talk to camera clubs.

Notes in brackets are mine.

General Overview

Twyla Tharp - The Creative Habit

Brooke Shaden - Inspiration in Photography

Nancy Hillis - The Artists’s Journey

Michael Atavar - Everyone is Creative

Lyne Marshall - Harnessing the power of the Creative Spiral

Your Mind

Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit

Norman Doidge - The Brain that Changes itself

Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool - Peak  How all of us can achieve extraordinary things.

Daniel Levitin - The Organised Mind

Gillian Butler, Nick Grey, Tony Hope - Manage your Mind

Brooks Jensen - The Creative Life in Photography (ebook)

Todd Henry - The Accidental Creative How to be brilliant at a moment’s notice

Jo Bell and Jane Commane - How to be a poet

Freeman Patterson - Photography and the Art of Seeing A visual perception workshop for film and digital photography

Photographic Technique

Michael Freeman - Fifty Paths to Creativity

Natalia Price-Cabrera - #NO FILTER Get Creative with photography.
(63 different techniques)

There are obviously other books available on technique.


Geoff Roe - Photographic Composition (Self published, maybe difficult to find)

There are, of course, many books on composition. The book above is one of the most comprehensive, though intense.

Bryan Peterson - Learning to see creatively

Visual Seeing

John Suler and Richard D Zakia - Perception and Imaging. ( 1920’s Bauhaus ideas)

General References

Richard Whelan - Stieglitz on Photography.

John A Parks - Universal Principles of Art (lists 100 as A - Z)​

Sue Cowley - Letting the Buggers be Creative (written for schools, but useful for photography)​

Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica - The Element How finding your passion changes everything  (written for schools but useful for photography)​

Lyle Rexer - The Edge of Vision The rise of abstraction in photography

David Bayles and Ted Orland - Art and Fear The fears that artists face​

Elise Hooper - Learning to See A novel of Dorothea Lange.

Andreas Feininger - Photographic Seeing ( a book published in 1973, has perceptive comments on photography).

Jim Krause - Photo Idea Index ( A ‘What If’ book )

Guy Tal - More Than a Rock Essays on Art, Creativity, Photography, Nature
and Life. (the title is taken from a saying by Edward Weston. I have seen it written that some regard him as the philosopher on photography. He writes in an easy style)​

Bruce Barnbaum - The Essence of Photography Seeing and Creativity
( A wide ranging book. Has a chapter on The Heart of Intuition and Creativity)​

George Barr - Take Your Photography to the Next Level From Inspiration to Image ( A thoughtful book on Photography generally. Which concludes with suggestions on how to assess your level by looking at your Technical Level and then your Aesthetic Level).​