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Creativity References

General Overview

Twyla Tharp - The Creative Habit

Brooke Shaden - Inspiration in Photography

Nancy Hillis - The Artists’s Journey

Michael Atavar - Everyone is Creative

Lyne Marshall - Harnessing the power of the Creative Spiral

Rick Rubin - The Creative Act: A way of being

Your Mind

Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit

Norman Doidge - The Brain that Changes itself

Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool - Peak  How all of us can achieve extraordinary things.

Daniel Levitin - The Organised Mind

Gillian Butler, Nick Grey, Tony Hope - Manage your Mind

Brooks Jensen - The Creative Life in Photography (ebook)

Todd Henry - The Accidental Creative How to be brilliant at a moment’s notice

Jo Bell and Jane Commane - How to be a poet

Freeman Patterson - Photography and the Art of Seeing A visual perception workshop for film and digital photography

Photographic Technique

Michael Freeman - Fifty Paths to Creativity

Natalia Price-Cabrera - #NO FILTER Get Creative with photography.
(63 different techniques)

There are obviously other books available on technique.


Geoff Roe - Photographic Composition (Self published, maybe difficult to find)

There are, of course, many books on composition. The book above is one of the most comprehensive, though intense.

Bryan Peterson - Learning to see creatively

Visual Seeing

John Suler and Richard D Zakia - Perception and Imaging. ( 1920’s Bauhaus ideas)

General References

Richard Whelan - Stieglitz on Photography.

John A Parks - Universal Principles of Art (lists 100 as A - Z)​

Sue Cowley - Letting the Buggers be Creative (written for schools, but useful for photography)​

Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica - The Element How finding your passion changes everything  (written for schools but useful for photography)​

Lyle Rexer - The Edge of Vision The rise of abstraction in photography

David Bayles and Ted Orland - Art and Fear The fears that artists face​

Elise Hooper - Learning to See A novel of Dorothea Lange.

Andreas Feininger - Photographic Seeing ( a book published in 1973, has perceptive comments on photography).

Jim Krause - Photo Idea Index ( A ‘What If’ book )

Guy Tal - More Than a Rock Essays on Art, Creativity, Photography, Nature
and Life. (the title is taken from a saying by Edward Weston. I have seen it written that some regard Guy Tal as a philosopher on photography. He writes in an easy style)​

Bruce Barnbaum - The Essence of Photography Seeing and Creativity
( A wide ranging book. Has a chapter on The Heart of Intuition and Creativity)​

George Barr - Take Your Photography to the Next Level From Inspiration to Image ( A thoughtful book on Photography generally. Which concludes with suggestions on how to assess your level by looking at your Technical Level and then your Aesthetic Level).​

Margaret a. Boden - The Creative Mind Myths and Mechanisms

( The initial three chapters give a good overview of creativity, especially different models).

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