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I retired from work in 2008. When working, like most people, I spent time photographing family and places where we had holidays.. On retiring from work I was able to devote more time to photography.


Realising that I needed to learn I joined a photography club to develop my skills. Part of the culture of a photography club is to enter competitions. I started by entering club competitions and then broadened it to include national and international competitions. I won medals, certificates and glassware. But I gradually became disillusioned with the process. I felt that there was something missing from my work. In 2018 I stopped competitive photography and made the switch to Abstract Photography.

exhib 6 allotment 95a.jpg

I found this change very liberating and creative. I could now take photographs without having to carry a tripod and heavy camera bag. All I needed was one camera and one lens.

My technique involves a lot of looking to find the initial subject with which I am able to work.Once I have discovered this subject I must decide how I wish to portray this in an image. Do I keep it as a straight abstract or alter it with Intentional Camera Movement or Multiple Exposure. 

If I use Multiple exposures I then look for other elements that I can layer over the initial subject. Each photograph may be composed of between two to six layers.

It sounds like hard work but in reality it is great fun.

Distinctions: LRPS, CPAGB, BPE3*, EFIAP.

Contact me via my contact form.

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